Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vilanow Restaurant

Elder Walt and Sister Louise Peck trained us to be the Office Couple.  We decided to take them to dinner at the restaurant of their choice to thank them for their patience.  They drove in their car and we followed in our car to the Vilanov Restaurant in the neighborhood where they live and where we will be living when they depart.  The food was great.  Pictures to follow.



Peck's Tour of Warsaw

Cultural Palace built by Stalin

Elder and Sister Peck have been training us for 2 weeks.  They decided to take on a tour of Warsaw to orient us to the city in which we will be serving the next 15 months.  Stalin asked the people of Poland what they would like him to build for them.  They asked for a Subway system.  He built them this palace.

                                                Skycrappers and Museums


This is the downtown (Centrum) train station where the Elders arrive and are picked up in the Transporter to attend Zone Council on the first Thursday of every month, then the AP's take them back to the train station to go back to their fields of labor.

Senior Transfer Day 25 Jan 2013

When we went to Warsaw for Senior Training, President Nielson announced that 25 Jan 2013 was Senior Transfer Day.  We started packing our bags getting ready.  Sunday night we received the phone call from President Nielson asking us to move to Warsaw to be the Office Couple.  Elder and Sister Peck will train us.  We will live in an new apartment across the river from the Mission Office.
Elder and Sister Reed from Poznan will move into our apartment in Katowice.  Elder and Sister Sheley in Wroclaw will move to Poznan to be the Branch President. 

Elder Hutchinson sustained 2nd Counselor Branch

Rafel 1st Counselor, Branch President Adrian Urban, 2nd Counselor Ray Hutchinson, Branch Clerk who came two hours every Sunday and two hours back home.