Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bishop Bernards re Mission Papers

     We talked to Bishop Duane Bernards several times regarding how to get started on our mission papers.  He told us where to find the application online and we started going to the doctors and dentists for our medical.
When Bishop Bernards came to our home on Wed. Aug 15, 2012 we had nobody to rent our house.  Lexiane said to the Bishop, "Can we send in our papers and if we don't find renters, ask to have the call changed to a live at home mission?"  Bishop Bernards answered, "Mission calls are changed all the time, but you ARE going to rent your home, so let's send in your papers!!!  He said it with strength and conviction!
     Not two minutes later, while the Bishop was sitting there with us in our home office, the telephone rang.  Ray answered it and it was Tracyane calling.  She told her Dad, I am in the park and have met a friend who lived in our ward and then moved to California  They are back and are looking for a place to rent.  Can Deeanna Pymm come over to see your house?  Ray answered, "The Bishop is here right now, give us ten minutes."  Deeanna and her 3 children, Brandon 13 yrs, Ashley 12 yrs, Cameron 8 years old walked through the house, then the next day Scott came  to look and it was a match.  Actually, it was a MIRACLE.

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