Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Heritage Park Branch Farewell Party

Cato and Jacque Jones - SLC Church Office Bldg Temple Projects Mission

Lance and Kathy Allen, Vivian and Richard Ricks

Roxy Ogden's back, Robert Ogden, Robert Brown and Donna Brown

Mel and Jan Schetselaar

Betty Farnworth, Clara Niemi, Elsie and Gary Forsyth

Ray and Lexiane Hutchinson - Poland Warsaw Mission
7 Nov 2012 Wednesday, day after the elections where Mitt Romney will not be our next president.  Los Hermanos was the setting for a "Going on a Mission Farewell Party" for Ray and Lexiane and Cato and Jacque Jones.  We both begin our missions in 2 1/2 weeks on 26 Nov 2012.  The former leadership of the Heritage Park Branch gathered for good conversation and food.  Our thanks to Kathy Allen for organizing the party!  In attendance: Lance and Kathy Allen, Richard and Vivian Ricks, Cato and Jacque Jones, Mel and Jan Schetselaar, Bob and Roxie Ogden, Gary and Elsie Forsyth, Robert and Donna Brown, Betty Farnworth and Clara Niemi.  Ken and Marsha Hildebrandt and Frank Vaughn were with us in spirit.

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