Sunday, November 11, 2012

Polish Dinner hosted by Tracy

Catherine and Portia
Jessica, Kasidy and Chandler
Zachary, Devin and Preston
Invited guest, Jordan Houtz, former Poland missionary 2003-2005
who told us about Poland and missionary experiences
Tracy Mooney far right.  Cold Beet Soup, Sweet raisin almond bread,
periogies, stew, polish sausages on buns, and cheesecake.


Party hostess: Daughter Tracy center back of picture
grandsons: l to rt. Ed, Chaz, Creed, Kolton, Spencer, Jacob, Ryan, Fisher, Cole, Carter
left to right:  Jessica, Dallin, Angela and Savanna 5 years old


Jesse and Shari

Wendy and Kristie


Eric and Chick

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