Friday, December 7, 2012

Laying over in The Netherlands Airport

Dec 7, 2012
We finished Mon. Tues. Wed. at the MTC learning how to work with Priesthood Leaders, the Bell's explained how they look at Missionary applications to select those for CES assignments.  Other Church departments also look at the applications that are submitted.  Any department that has a current (or future need) makes note of that on the application.  A member of the Seventy is part of the Missionary committie then makes notes or recommendations.  Then they go to the Twelve for final determination.  The Prophet reviews the files and issues the CALL. 
Thursday morning, Dec 6, we had a fabulous sendoff. We had breakfast and signed out at the MTC and drove to Dallin's house.  Angela, Savanna, Kristie, Spencer, Tracyane, Chick, Creed, Cole, Catherine, Chaz, Carson were all there waiting to tell us goodbye.  Since Tracy's family have been sick, they just waved goodbye to us Chick and Carson hugged us goodbye, Angela and Savanna hugged us goodbye and Kristie and Spencer drove us and our luggage which Carson and Chick loaded into Kristie's new van.  Kristie helped us drag our four 50 lb. bags to check in and then waited with us and bought us Cafe Rio to take on the airplane for lunch. Yum!
Shari, Marshall, Portia, Fisher and Edison came running through the airport to hug us goodbye and through kisses as we walked down the runway to get on the airplane.  Who ever had such a great sendoff?

Our flights were great.  We sat next to a lady from Denmark on the Atlanta to Amsterdam flight.  She and her husband were very lovely people.  Then we landed in Amsterdam and all flights to Europe have been cancelled due to weather.  We have a boarding pass for 20:55 tonight that is full . . . we are on standby.  If we do not get on this flight it will mess up the Mission President who will be waiting for us at the airport if we do not tell him otherwise.  KLM airlines is really busy!  They gave us complimentary food and phone cards and we are waiting for our number to be called 798.  They are on 623.  While we were getting food to eat, a young lady sat down across from us and Mom started a conversation.  She grew up in Poland and left for a great job offer in The Netherlands.  She was wonderful to visit with and she made the suggestion that we should go visit her mother in Wuge and wrote her mother's name and address in Nana's Mission Journal.  We will go visit her if we get the chance!  Our first referral.

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