Sunday, December 2, 2012

We have finished our first week in the MTC learning Preach My Gospel.  We have learned and role played teaching investigator lessons.  We had a Testimony Meeting Friday night where all the language learning Senior Missionaries were able to bear their testimonies in their slavic language.  We could understand some words in the Norvegian, Finnish, Bulgarian, Russian, and Lithowanian languages.  Today is Sunday and we met with a young missionary branch for Fast and Testimony Meeting and they had 3 special musical numbers by the Districts that were shipping out this week.  It was a great testimony meeting.  Then we went to a Mission Conference.  The MTC Mission Presidency spoke and one District President and all their wives.  Last Tuesday night the Devotional was Elder Eduardo and Norma Gavarret of the Seventy.  He said from the beginning of the world God planned for missionaries in the last days. Tell the people, God lives, Jesus is His Son and he sent me to share a message with you. Today, Sister Hemmert told s story of 2 Miami missionaries who at 9 pm felt an impression to go back to a slammed door.  It was after the hurricane had gone through.  The lady of the house came to the door again and this time she shaid, "You are the young men who helped in the shelter.  Come in.  Miissionaries asked to give her a message, then asked to come back and she asked if she could invite some friends to the next lesson.  6 baptisms resulted.
Last night, Saturday Dec 1, 2012, we sat at dinner with a couple from Calgary, Alberta, Canada who had just arrived today.  His name is Wilford Woodruff, a great grandson of the church president.  As we were visiting, Elder Cook sitting on the right side of Elder Hutchinson joined in the conversation saying, " My great grandfather baptized Wilford Woodruff."  (I believe they said Elder Pulsiver.) 

We have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday training on Young Single Adults and then we fly off to Poland on Thursday at 1:00 pm.  We are nervous but very excited! 

Alan Hopper, a Warnock cousin, is here in the MTC.  Richard and Donna’s daughter Joy’s son.  We have seen him almost every day in the Bookstore or the Cafeteria. The first day we were so excited to see each other that we hugged before we thought about mission rules.  Woops!  Paul Sorensen, from Cedar Hills Stake is here. We met Lloyd and Mary Lee Burton from Roosevelt, asked them if they knew Bob and Becky Gilbert, they did and added that they served in Nauvoo with Carl and Sybil Warnock.  Mike Murphy from Simi Valley, CA is one of the teachers for Senior Missionaries.   We have met 4 young Elder missionaries going to Poland on Dec 17th.  We will get there 10 days ahead of them.  We love being missionaries.
Thanks for all your love and support getting us off on this mission!  We could not have done it without all the help.

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