Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oskar Baptism week 20 Jul 2013

                                  Baptism in Warsaw I Branch:  Lto R  Elder Tingey ZL , Oskar, Dominik (great branch member and family history consultant) and Elder Harris ZL.
We went in search of the US Embassy and when the wind unfurled the flag it made us proud.

Right across the street we found this statue errected in 2011 of Ronald Regan.  The Polish people
appreciate the help he gave in ridding Poland of Communism in 1990.

 Back corner, Elder Manwill, Sister Jensen, Elder Jensen on his knees, center Elder Zelezniak, Elder Raines sitting on floor.  Just another day in the Mission Office.
Elder Cieslak hard at work as usual.
Elder Hutchinson at his desk doing the Mission Finances. 
Some of the branch memebers who attended the "Grill" the morning of the baptism.
LtoR:  Stan, Bro Pogorzelski, Agnieska's Dad, Sylwia,an investigator lady, new Primary teacher, Elder Symanski, Elder Hayes, Elder Hutchinson.
Center row: Jagard niece,Sister Ott, Maria (investigator), Sister Howells, Jagard niece, Dominik's niece and sister, Elder Garfield,and Piotr.
Front row:  Sister Pogorzelski, with baby Maria, Branch President Jagard with Issac and Ania, Elder Fotu from Highland.


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