Sunday, July 28, 2013

President and Sister Nielson go home

We arrived at the Chopin International Airport in Warsaw at 9:00am.

29 June 2013 We went to the airport to see them off.  When we arrived we found them and visited until they needed to check in their luggage.  We could see them down the isle talking to the people in front of them in the line.  When they came back to us, President told us that they were flying to the United States going to San Diego, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.  President told them to go to the San Diego Temple, call when they got to Vegas and they would show them the city (and the Temple) and to go see the Temple Square when they got to Salt Lake City,  Then he knew he would see them again on the airplane and he did not have a Book of Mormon.  The Assistants, Elder Raines and Elder Zelezniak went out to their car and brought him a Book and some pamphlets.

I love this picture of Sister Nielson.  She looks refreshed and beautiful.. . ready to start her new life in Las Vegas with her family. 

President and Sister Nielson - We Love You Song
(sung to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic)

The Nielson's came to Poland with a call to serve the Lord.
Sister Nielson conquered buying food and then her spirits soared.
Once she wasn't feeling well, was found, and many blessings poured.
By us she is adored.

Who'll remember all the birthdays?
Who will cut off ties and sweaters?
Who will blog our mission doings?
Sister Nielson's going home.

A mission pres i dent is like a business CEO,
All the hard decisions come. . . waiting to see what you will say,
Will it prep the missionaries for their lives, foundations lay?
YES . . let's to it today!

Who will text us every morning?
Who will listen to the spirit?
Who will motivate and lead us?
The President's going home.

We love the Nielson's testimonies of the Mormon Book,
We appreciate their time with us, there's much that they forsook,
Now it's time to fly to Vegas . . . . there to at their family look,
Their grandkids need them too!

Who will get us at the airport?
Who will pray to know our area?
On what will we eat spagetti?
The pottery's going home.

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