Sunday, August 25, 2013

Warsaw Zone Confererence Aug 21, 2013

Sister Edgren (wife of President Edgren) Sister Lloyd, Sister Jensen, Sister Hutchinson after the Cafe Rio lunch had been served and cleared.  What an inspiring and motivational day.  My favorite was the Testimony Meeting and Sister Lenhart telling that she was trying to decide whether to come on a mission.  It was the General Conference talk by Elder Holland that helped her decide.  The spirit whispered to her . . isn't it obvious that if I want French Horn players, I can get French Horn players , , ,what I need is missionaries in Poland.
Break Out Group
Elder Zelezniak from Australia is leading the discussion, President Edgren, Sister Wendel and Mikalauski, Elder Finch and Caskey,and  Elder Raines.

Jensen, Lloyd, Pres Edgren, Hutchinson
Break Out Session
Elder Tingey and Harris ZL's at the white board, Elder Meherg, Dopp,Szymanski, Hayes, Saltmarsh, Swicegood.
In Back, Sister Ott & Holmgren, Garfield, Cieslak, Stockford
LtoRSister Lidtka,Lenhart,Elder Van Bakel, Wolfley,Sister Howells, E Baranowski,Gibby
August 23, 2013 Dinner Out with the Jarosz family
President Jarosz attacking his dinner.  President Jarosz keeps this mission running. He opens new apartments, deals with traffic tickets and accidents, buys the new cars and insurance, deals with the landlords, does maintance on the chapel, mission home,mission office,apartments, pays bills;finds places for the branches to meet for church and rennovates the area.  When we need something done, who do we call?  President Jarosz.
Sister Iwona Jarosa with her beautiful dessert.
Ada displaying her cheese with chocolate and fruit.
Sara with the brown hair and brown eyes, Ada with the blonde hair and blue eyes.
Sister Hutchinson with 3 scoops of ice cream and fruit, Elder Hutchinson with Fried Ice Cream and Apple Pie.
Saturday 24 Aug 2013
  Warsaw II Baptism -  Tadeusz Osuch
Elder Meherg, Tadeusz Osuch, Elder Dopp who knows the Whiting family who served with us in the Philippines.  
 Sunday August 25, 2013
Warsaw I Branch Primary with visitors from Romania
Marta is taking the picture.  Left to right:  Marta's possible future mother-in-law and 2 daughters,
2 daughters of Agnieska in the branch, Sister Jagard, other Primary teacher, Ania Jagard and Sister Hutchinson.
 Free Chopin Concert in Lasenski Park 4 pm every Sunday
We have tried to attend the concert, but it was rained out or we could not find parking.  Elder Hutchinson said he would drop us off and come back and pick us up making it possible to attend.
                                The Chopin Monument with the canopy over the grand piano.


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