Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wielkapolska Village near Poznan

14 Sep 2013
  Took off at precisely 6:00 am to drive to Poznan to the Sheley's apartment where the Lloyd's will join us for a day of soaking in the history of Poland.  Our destination - Wielkapolsa Village near the town of Lednogora on the Jezioro Lednica Lake, a small finger shaped lake.
.Leaving our apartment, Sarmacka 13/98
We were unsure about how to get onto the A2, Garmin does not know the A2 has been built, but here it is . . . the A2 to Posnan.
There are lots of beautiful forests in Poland.
Lots of beautiful bridges along any freeway . . . but this is the most unusual McDonald's sign we've seen.
We went through several toll booths . . . and were delighted to pay for the super smooth road where you can drive 130 kilometers per hour.
We arrived at 9:50 at Elder and Sister Sheley's apartment in Poznan.
Sheley's live in the blue and white apartment building right next to a Mall. Lloyd's arrived and we had lunch then drove over to see their church.

We drove across the river.
These crosses with the ropes must have a story.
 This catholic church was taken over by Hitler and made into his headquarters.

Kitchen in the Poznan Church
Library and Missionary Room.
Elder Hutchinson, Elder Sheley, Sister Sheley, Sister Lloyd and Elder Lloyd

Primary Room

Poznan Chapel

Relief Society Room
Branch President's Office
Entrance to Wielkapolska Village

Homes and barns have been brought here and made into a little village representing farm life through the years in Poland.  Each home is labeled when built and from where moved to this location.
Blacksmith shop

Inside the blacksmith shop
Pottery shop in the front of the farm house.
Clever insullation for the barn door to keep out the cold in the winter.
Baby carriage 
Elder Hutchinson appreciated this rocking horse like the one in the Hutchinson family.
Beautiful lace curtains
Cabbage Patch

Thatched Roof
They took down the wall and labeled the rocks so they could rebuild it on this site.
3 windmills on the top of the hill.
Lake view from the windmills
Gate hinge from 1600's.
Soup bowls for all and then we said goodbye and headed for Warsaw.
We loved this etherial white bridge on the way home, rain was predicted and we had 3 drops all day.
Another great Pday in Poland.


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